A Day in the Life of Bradley Wiggins 15 Nov 2012

The children in Lerryn Class have been learning about what it takes to be a professional athlete. We chose to look at Olympic and Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins. We have learnt about his normal day, which starts at 5:30am and finishes at 20:30, and everything that he does such as cycling, gym work and photo shoots.

We decided to replicate this normal day, so the children brought in their bikes to use.

This is what we did:

  • ate natural yoghurt and fresh fruit for breakfast
  • had a protein (milk) shake
  • did a cardio gym session
  • learnt about bike safety, equipment and reasons for different items of clothing
  • cycled on the playground, field and a very dangerous circuit around the school!
  • had some high energy nuts
  • ate some oats and raspberry jam
  • another gym session
  • photo shoot

It was an incredibly busy day and the children loved it! They will certainly sleep well tonight.

Here are some words to describe our day, chosen by the children themselves-

  • exhausting
  • gruelling
  • exciting
  • fun
  • interesting
  • refreshing

Below is a selection of photographs from our day: