Feb 14 2015

A Busy Week

On Tuesday we went to Newquay Zoo and saw some interesting animals. Mark told us about dinosaurs and some creatures which had survived from the same time. Barry the lizard was particularly interesting as he had an unusual coloured tongue, which he refused to show when we took photographs!
We enjoyed watching the meerkats and mongoose family being fed. The children were surprised that the female meerkat was in charge and kept nipping others to get the food. Pippa told us that they were always trying to escape, constantly testing the electric fence! One day, the power failed and within seconds they had escaped and gone into the children’s play area! Pippa said they made tricky pets!
On Wednesday we did some great writing, recounting our trip. Mrs Bancroft was very pleased and now we have 3 awesome authors on the hall board. Well done to Rosie, Imogen and Lydia.
In our time to move we became explorers and dinosaurs.
Our maths on Friday was to find out which was our favourite animal at the zoo. There was some great data collection and Lydia was the first to find out that monkeys and meerkats were equal favourite.
A well deserved rest this week, ready for more dinosaur work next half term!

Challenge: what colour was Barry the lizard’s tongue? 2 team points for anyone who writes the answer down in their homework book!