Mar 4 2017

Skeletons in Cober!

Science has dominated our week for our intrepid dinosaur explorers! On Monday we visited Newquay Zoo and, despite the weather, we had a brilliant time. We dodged hail and rain to enjoy the meerkats, admire the beautiful birds, tiptoe past the lions and laugh at the Penguins! We enjoyed a workshop about dinosaurs, learning more about Mary Anning and being able to handle a vast range of fossils including fossilised dinosaur poo! Many thanks to our helpers and to Mr Blackburn and Mrs Micklem for driving the minibuses.

On Tuesday, our day started with the whole school exercise and assembly with Nathan Fox, an inspiring athlete. Later we learnt about our bodies, discussing bones, muscles, veins and tendons. Then in teams the children were given some bones to cut out and arrange to make a simplified skeleton! Collaboration was part of our focus and though at first this was hard, by the end of the session there was a lot more communication and connection! Madame Alexander gave us some French words to label one of our skeletons.

This theme continued on Friday when we looked at dinosaur skeletons. The children were given black paper and sheets of white paper to make their own dinosaur skeletons. Again in teams, collaboration was the focus after discussion before hand. This was tricky at first as each member of the team wanted to make their own part without discussion! However, despite the odds, by the end of the day our three skeletons were made and they are brilliant. Well done Cober you achieved far more than we expected.

Friday was a busy morning as we not only made skeletons but we also had cooking with Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle. Our task was to make a dinosaur scene with vegetables and fruit. During this we were visited by Tresillian class as part of their photographic course!

Alongside all of this, we have continued to type up our dinosaur poems,  complete number patterns and write thank you letters! A busy week for everyone in Cober

Please come and look at our skeletons if you missed Friday assembly!