Oct 21 2014

RNLI Visit

Year 4 have been learning about different jobs at sea this week and Beth Simmons from the crew team at St Agnes Lifeboat Station came in to tell us all about her job. She has two jobs and is a geologist as well as an RNLI crew member. She loves being on the lifeboat and guess what? She doesn’t even get paid for it!
We asked many questions and the best part of her job is being winched up into a helicopter as part of her regular training. She also enjoys rescuing people and animals from coastal areas. She carries a pager that goes off loudly when there is a ‘shout’ to respond to. Sometimes it goes off in the middle of the night too!
After listening to all Beth’s tales nearly everyone in our class would like to volunteer and work for this organisation. What a great role model Beth is.
There are are so many jobs you can do associated with the sea, the opportunities are endless.