We love music here at Constantine School! Find out about all the musical activities we take part in in our musical school by reading on


The school choir is run by Mrs. Churchley who is passionate about children singing and enjoying music. To say she is enthusiastic is probably a gross understatement!

Our School loves to sing and by reading on you will realise this is no false claim…..!

The School Choir (consisting of most of KS2)  performs at different venues, and have performed in Truro Cathedral, Hall 4 Cornwall and the Eden Project.  We get asked to sing at local weddings and take great pleasure in doing so.  We sing at every opportunity whether on school camps or on the bus to the Swimming Pool and have even sang at the Falmouth branch of Sainsbury’s!

Sing Up!

We were the first school in the County to be awarded the prestigious Platinum Singup Award, which was by nomination only, and consequently were asked to visit Pirate FM Radio Station to talk about it.  It was hard to stop talking about it!!  We were absolutely thrilled.

SONY DSCCornwall Boys Choir

Our school hosts the Cornwall Boy’s Choir satellite group and Mrs. Churchley is the music leader for this area.  We have a number of boys from our school in this choir and they have sung at the Royal Albert Hall and also for Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall. World Tour next – anything is possible!



Every July at the end of summer term KS2 put on a spectacular musical.  For the past 5 or 6 years this has been performed in the local Tolmen Centre Theatre.


Tuesday lunchtime is a lively time with a cacophony of sound emanating from the classroom!  Flutes, recorders, xylophones and boomwhackers can be heard practising for assemblies and concerts.  This club is run by Mrs. Churchley with fantastic back up from Mrs. Beswick and Mrs. Micklem.


This club can be heard practising after school on Tuesdays in the assembly hall – enter at your peril! Run by Mrs. Churchley, wearing the required ear plugs, all the children have an opportunity  to compose a rhythm that the band can perform at Village and school events.


KS2 pupils plus past pupils that attend Mullion School and Penryn College, collaborate to enjoy a ‘jamming session’.  They have already had one of their own compositions recorded on the school choir cd and meet regularly to discuss and inspire each other.  Biscuits are consumed at this club to keep the creative juices flowing!  Mrs. Churchley runs this alongside the wonderfully talented young people from the other schools.


P1060210Monday lunchtime Mr. Hitchens, in Mr. Jane’s absence, runs the intermediate ukelele club.

Monday afternoon Mrs. Micklem can be heard strumming and plucking with beginners group.  These are our yr1 and yr2 players.

Both Mr. Hitchens and Mrs. Micklem form part of our extremely cool Staff Ukelele Club which sees Mr. Gavin Saunders tutoring every Wednesday lunchtime.

Samba Band

Recorder club

This is taken by Mrs. Bloor on a Tuesday lunchtime and gives the younger children an opportunity to learn to play an instrument and read music.

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