ict1ICT in our school is exciting and creative. We learn skills which range from using stop-motion animation techniques to making films and presentations using green-screen technology. In our school we are taught how to be E-safe in a digital world. Rather than a computer suite, we have a set of 30 netbooks which can be taken to where we want the learning to take place. We love using them. We also have 30 iPads and a set of iPods, giving us instant wireless access and making learning and technology  in our school truly ‘in our hands’. The most recent addition to our 21st century school is our iStation: a suite of 6 iMacs. It’s pretty cool!

Mr Wild is the ICT subject leader and he is an Advanced Skills Teacher for ICT in Cornwall. You can look at his Perltree full of coll and educational ICT web-based tools and resources by clicking here.

Use this link to see some of the ways we have been using iPads in the classroom since 2011:
Using iPads and iPods in the classroom: A list of successes

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