Our Curriculum

At Constantine Primary School we have an exciting topic-based curriculum, however all topics cover learning objectives from the 2014 National Curriculum.


Autumn and Spring topics are specifically designed for individual classes and the Summer topic is designed for the whole school.  English skills are taught through the topics whilst Maths, RE, PE and PSHE tend to stand alone.


We have a rolling programme for Computing and PSHE to ensure key areas are covered, however where possible these areas are also linked to the topics. British Values are also incorporated into various aspects of our learning and every day school life.


We believe all of our learning is real and relevant. In many cases the children themselves have had input into the choice of topics offered. Our curriculum ensures progression in skills and also links to being healthy and safe; enjoyment of study; social and economic well-being and making a positive contribution to society. We offer a wide variety of educational visits and we encourage a range of visitors to our school in order to excite and motivate the learners.


Parents and carers can find out more details about the topics from our Curricular Newsletters handed out at the start of each topic and they can also be found on the website. We also encourage parents to follow our Twitter feed to find out what learning has been taking place across the school.


We welcome any input if you have particular links or areas of expertise to enhance the learning. Parents are welcome to come into school and see detailed topic plans also linked below.


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