Tamar Pupils Enjoy Maths Day 2 Mar 2012

On  28th February Constantine Primary School had a Maths day full of fantastic activities all to do with maths.

Mr Anjari organised the whole day and arranged some amazing activities for the school including how to make Mobius strips.

In the afternoon some parents came in and talked about how they used maths in their jobs. Will Lee and Roger Brand came in to Tamar to tell us about maths used in the pub trade and in engineering.

Kenwyn had John Martin, Helford had Jason Lawer, Cober had Dr Roberts and his wife (also called Dr Roberts) and Jason Lyne came into Fal.

When it came to assembly all the classes showed what they learned and explained how the adults they had listened to used maths in their jobs.

Altogether it was a brilliant day and everyone enjoyed it.

Jasmine L

 On Monday 28 February we had a maths day. We had parents come in to school to explain how they use maths in their jobs.

Roger Brand and Will Lee came into Tamar class to tell us about their jobs and how they use math in real life. Roger is a mechanical engineer and he uses small measurements in his work because small pieces need to fit into the engine with precision.

Will Lee works in a pub so he uses maths when he needs to add up the price for an order and then he has to add the VAT.

We would all like to thank Mr Anjari for planning our maths day, Roger Brand and Will Lee for coming in and talking to us about their job and all the other parents that came into the school.

By Emilie Wood