Case studies

Oliver, Year 5


Oliver joined our school in Year 1. He was slow to acquire word-building skills necessary for reading and writing, and found it hard to focus consistently and apply his learning in his daily life. He was diagnosed with ADHD in Year 2, and was found to have a number of dyslexic tendencies.

Oliver has just completed a very successful Year 5. He has worked very hard with Mr Wild, Mrs Jones and Mrs Page and had made particular progress in Litreacy and his self-confidence. The classroom has changed because children can now choose where they sit, and have a range of types of seats such as bean bags or armchairs to work at.

Oliver said “I’m a lot better with my work now, and I am putting more into it. I give up much less and I am not so distracted. I used to sit under the table so I couldn’t be seen.”

“My handwriting is much better, as long as I am not rushing, and I read at home now. My Mum lets me have friends at my house and my Mum and Dad say it’s a big improvement on how I used to be.”

His Teaching Assistant, Mrs Pippa Jones, said “We found that Oliver had a real interest to do with the army and navy [Oliver’s father is in the Navy]. I know the books in the library well so I was able to direct him towards quick successes that he would like. Sometimes we didn’t follow our AR scheme so rigidly, and I would choose a selection of 8 or 10 books that he could look at, at his own pace. After that, we followed his interests in other directions and his reading just took off.”

Sadly, Oliver and his family have been stationed in another part of the country so he does not attend our school anymore. We thank him and his family for all they have taught us and wish him all of the very best for the future.