Carly Kent


Carly joined Constantine Primary School in 2007 and currently works in Fal Class as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant alongside Mrs Savage. She has a particular interest in Early Years and was previously the manager of Constantine Pre-school where she continues to have strong links and is a member of the Pre-school Committee.

Pippa Jones

Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones has many skills (including Latin), and they can all come in handy when teaching in Tresillian Class. She loves reading and can read a whole book in only a few hours! She is a brilliant proof reader. All of Mrs Jones children were once taught at Constantine. Mrs Jones runs Kids Club each morning.

Maggie Mackenzie

Mags 2

Formerly (and proudly) incarnated as an Essex Girl, followed by Bank Auditor in the City of London & then Surrey Housewife, Maggie moved to lovely Cornwall with her family twelve years ago and Constantine seven years ago. Her son spent two very happy years at Constantine Primary School, before moving on to big school and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since! Not being a natural reader as a child (too busy dressing up as a mermaid and playing with her dollies), she is making up for lost time by organising our Library. Never leave an unattended, unloved book lying around for too long!

Maggie loves singing with Constantine Community Choir & The Bluebells; speaking French & being involved with Constantine & District Twinning Association; reading; sewing; gardening; listening to folk, soul, jazz, folk, R&B and singing very loudly with her headphones on. She runs Country Skittles with her husband, where she likes cleaning the kitchen but hates bowling. Dream career – backing singer for Bobby Womack…….new dream career evidently awaits.

Rozelle Micklem

Mrs Micklem
Mrs Micklem

Mrs. Micklem works in Cober Class as a teaching assistant. When she is not teaching in Cober, she can be found administering first aid to children, or teaching RE across the whole school in her role as an HLTA.  Mrs Micklem has been at CPS a long time and we really couldn’t do without her. She is very kind and caring to the children of Constantine Primary School and always is happy to help with a big smile on her face. Mrs Micklem runs Kids Club most evenings after school.

Annabell Moyle

Mrs Moyle
Mrs Moyle

Mrs Moyle is a wonderful teaching assistant who works in Lerryn Class. She is always smiling and works hard to support children’s learning needs in all subjects. Mrs Moyle was once a pupil herself at Constantine School and she has some great memories from being in the netball team. She now has four children of her own all of whom have left our school now. She is a very busy lady who loves reading and is very good at sewing and along with Mrs Skewes, teaches cookery across our school.

Paul Blackburn

imageI volunteered in Fal class for over a year before deciding to re train as a teaching assistant and now feel very proud to be part of the staff working 3 days a week in the school which I love.

I am a keen mountain biker and lover of the outdoors. I also have my own gardening business that I’ve managed for nearly twenty years gaining lots of skills I hope I can pass on to the children as I work with them in the school garden.


Chris Page


Mrs Page works with Year 5 in Tamar Class. She has worked in our school now for quite a while, so she knows all the children really well! Her sense of humour and her caring nature is loved by everyone and she is always available listen and advise. Mrs Page likes reading art and music, she especially loves live music. She also likes theatre and gardening.

Chris has expertise in autism and dyspraxia which is a valuable asset to our school. She works as a learning mentor and is often regarded as our ‘school councillor’.

Anthea Alexander

Mrs Alexander
Mrs Alexander

Mrs Alexander is a very valued member of staff at Constantine Primary School. She is based Tresillian Class, supporting Year 6 children. She has an excellent knowledge of the French language, and teaches every class French once a week. Her enthusiasm and positive approach to the subject have enabled many to become confident French speakers.

Mrs Alexander is also a dinner lady at lunchtimes, supervising the children and she runs kids club most evenings after school. She always looks fabulous and glamorous. However, she cannot stand rats, mice, snakes or spiders!

Jackie Skewes

Mrs Skewes
Mrs Skewes

Mrs. Skewes is a very well known member of Constantine Primary School. She is a very helpful teaching assistant in Kenwyn Class and can be relied on to keep things tidy! She likes to help out if you need a little helping hand, but hates to break her nails! She makes the most exceedingly good cakes and her pasties may be the best in Cornwall. Mrs Skewes teaches cookery across the school with Mrs Moyle.