As part of TLAT the TLAT BOard of Trustees have ultimate responsibility for our Governance. The Headteacher liaises closely with Robin Cowen (CEO TLAT) and other representatives from TLAT to strive for continual school improvement. Details of the Board are :

The Chair of the Board is Mr Matt Mullaly. Matt is a parent of two children in our school.

In addition Constantine Primary School Supporters assist the Headteacher in fulfilling many roles .

The scope and role of this informal group is flexible and adapted to meet the needs of the school. The group is pivotal in helping maintain and strengthen that sense of community that is so much valued and key to the success of Constantine School. Membership of CPS Supporters is drawn from our much valued pre-TLAT governing body who have brought particular skills to their role, and the wider school community, including staff, parents, pupils, and the local community.

We are currently in the process of setting up a Local Advisory Board and further information will be provided shortly. In the meantime please contact Mrs Sonya Herbert if you have any further questions.

We truly value our  CPS Supporters.  Their role is voluntary and supporting the aims and work of the school. Meetings are arranged so that these  groups can feed back to the headteacher.

The structure is:

Group Role Membership
Marketing To assist the school in the preparation of marketing materials. To help with the design and updating of our website.  Chris Wild/ Jeff Meadows
HTPM To provide  input to the head teachers performance management. Robin Cowen
Fundraising To lead school efforts in fundraising activities to support the school. Ellie James / Frances Midson and linked Facebook Group
Parent liaison To provide an informal point of contact between the school and parents, including the “governor on the gate initiative”.  A representative should be present each year to meet new parents at induction meetings. Lisa Sampson/  Adrian Roberts
Classroom / Club volunteers To come into school on a regular basis e.g. weekly (DBS cleared) and volunteer in classes (hearing readers etc) but be prepared to feedback on more general aspects of school life e.g. behaviour, engagement etc  Anne Hussey/ Vanessa Beeman / Lyn Williams/ Lisa Sampson/ Adrian Roberts/ Maryla Caddy
Staff Viewpoints To be a point of contact for all staff to represent their views on school development initiatives. Helen Bancroft / Cags Gilbert/ Rozelle Micklem / Charlotte Savage