Disadvantaged Pupils

Pupil Premium funding was introduced in 2011 and is additional funding allocated to schools to specifically to benefit children who fall into the following categories:
• Children entitled to Free School Meals because of low family income (not the new Infant Free School Meals) – £1320 per pupil
• Children who have been entitled to Free School Meals during the last six years – £1320 per pupil
• Children in Care – £1900 per pupil
• Children who have been adopted from care (Post Looked After Children) – £1900 per pupil
• Children of current Service Personnel – £300 per pupil
• Children of Service Personnel at any point in the last four years – £300 per pupil
We urge any parents who feel their child may fall into one of these categories to inform school straight away so that we can benefit from the significant funding.If you are unsure please contact the office for details.
The impact of pupil premium spending is measured both qualitatively and quantitively. Children’s assessment scores are monitored term on term to ensure there are no gaps in attainment between those children and non pupil premium children. The children, parents and all staff working with the children are also asked  to comment on the impact of any interventions and any barriers to learning that they feel are apparent. Children often comment on how they feel more confident after an intervention or how they know a certain aspect of their learning has improved. These are all recorded to ensure we carry on with the most effective interventions and opportunities for the individual child. Our unique tracking systems are rigorous and detailed and have been used as exemplars for other schools.
The TLAT pupil premium strategy is thoroughly reviewed at the end of the year once key data is collected. Impact is also reviewed at the end of each term.