Our aims, values and policies

Constantine School ‘Opportunities One and All’

As an effective team of Staff and Governors, with the involvement of pupils and parents, we seek to:

  • Provide a rich, stimulating, and creative learning environment in which all children thrive.
  • Ensure the inclusion of all children.
  • Involve parents as partners in their child’s learning experience.
  • Create a friendly, caring atmosphere where all are valued and listened to, adults and children alike.
  • Support the professional development of all employees at the school.
  • Develop and maintain inter-school liaison for ease of transition from Pre-School and then to Secondary School.
  • Provide strong links between the school and the community to ensure collaborative support and success.
  • Provide strong inter-school links between  TLAT schools and other Penryn Partnership schools.
  • Provide childcare and a wide range of activities under the extended schools agenda.
  • Support the Olympic values: friendship, courage, equality, determination, excellence, inspiration and respect. We encourage all children to enjoy and achieve through a range of opportunities to be physically active and promote positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyles both in and out of school.