Behaviour and Safety

Good behaviour in our school is something we value highly and we are always striving to improve upon. The school has a calm atmosphere which is highly conducive to learning. Our pupils are respectful, well-mannered and kind. All of our staff work hard to ensure the school is a safe and happy place.

We have an excellent PSHE curriculum which has a high emphasis on pupils knowing how to make healthy and safe choices in all aspects of life. We have been awarded Healthy Schools Plus award and have been the national pilott school for the E-Bug project, working with Public Health England to reduce antibiotic use and improve hygiene in our school.

E-safety takes a high priority across the curriculum. We ensure that all children and their families have plenty of information about online safety to keep them safe both in and out of school. All pupils and their parents sign an acceptable use policy to ensure everyone understands the importance of this.

Comments from questionnaires exemplify our commitment to the well-being of everyone:

“I feel safe and people care about me” (pupil)
“Being at CPS makes me feel safe and secure. I also feel like I have somebody to go to when there is something wrong” (pupil)

“It is the best place I have ever worked. I feel valued and that my opinion is listened to and if I have any queries or problems I can talk to the right people without being judged. It has built up my confidence…” Teaching Assistant in Staff Questionnaire.

“I feel very privileged to be part of the school. It’s wonderful to walk away at 9.00am and know my children are safe, happy and cared for. It’s great to know that I can talk to staff regularly…” (parent)